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Walt Whitman/ Structure in Song of Myself
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A 5 page essay that analyzes structure in Whitman's Song of Myself. The writer argues that that Whitman's poem possesses considerable unity – just not in the traditional sense. The structural unity of the poem derives from rather abstract features, such as Whitman's consistent overall direction toward a greater comprehension of the "self" or "man," as well as cosmic patterns of life, death, and Whitman's perceptions of the nature of God. No additional sources cited.
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Dickinson’s A Spider Sowed At Night and Whitman’s Noiseless Patient Spider
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A great many differences are seen when comparing the life experiences between Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. This 3 page paper argues that The style of A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman and A Spider Sewed At Night by Emily Dickinson is different, however, both poems can be categorized as 'nature' poems through the inclusion of the spider as metaphor for the soul. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KTspider.wps

Whitman’s “Noiseless Patient Spider”
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A 5 page paper on this poem by Walt Whitman, in the broader context of Whitman’s life and work. The paper observes that Whitman believed that our unique ability as Americans to use our creativity to reach out to one another -- like a spider spinning its web -- was both our defining characteristic and our salvation. Bibliography lists four sources (attached).
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Comparing Dickinson And Whitman
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Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were contemporaries in time and space but worlds apart in experience. This 5 page paper argues that the poems, A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman and A Spider Sewed At Night by Emily Dickinson are both nature poems that employ allusion and repetition to compare the spider with the soul of the writer. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KTdicwhi.wps

The 1855 Preface to Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
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A five page paper which analyses Walt Whitman’s preface to Leaves of Grass, looking specifically at the way in which he deals with the topics of history and the past, the function of the poet, and the importance of the common man in relation to the United States as a whole. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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